Lots of tidying up and reviewing the basics this month. Hoping to have full songs on the YouTube channel, fingers crossed! Now we have Christmas prep as we move into November. But I just had to make sure these kiddies are remembering to read the music instead of guessing and memorizing!

We had some flashcards for the keyboard, the treble and bass clef [including ledger lines!] and for those students who are now level 3 onward, key signatures! And these guys have been improving every week.

I’ve officially started opening up to voice lessons, and will see how my schedule can manage that as well. I absolutely LOVE making music with these little ones and being able to share that love with them. I’m blessed to have students who are eager to learn and respect me. They are such a joy. And there’s nothing more satisfying when a student finally gets a rhythm or section perfect as we worked together to improve the skills needed for those.

I currently have a list of Christmas songs, but I’m open to any ideas. Please feel free to comment and you may see your suggestion played by one of my minis!